Story and Plot: The Classes
Story and Plot
Screenwriting Classes in Los Angeles and Online
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1-Day Structure Workshop
Houston, Texas
March 25th, 10am - 330pm

The 1-Day Story Structure Workshop focuses on building a story structure by making several key decisions early on that ease the burden on the author and puts it where it belongs: the story. This process is more about scenes and sequences rather than plot points in order to maximize the dramatic impact as well as the commercial viability of the project. The blank page will be less intimidating than ever… MORE

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Screenwriting 101:
Los Angeles, CA
7 Wednesdays, 7-10pm
Starting April 5th, 2017

Despite its name, Screenwriting 101 is geared to both new and experienced screenwriters alike. The focus of the 7 weeks is an understanding of story structure well beyond the three act paradigm. The class will push the writer to structure their story through scenes and sequences rather than independent "plot points" so to maximize dramatic momentum and emotional resonance… MORE

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Screenwriting 201:

Screenwriting 201 is to flesh out the outline first cracked in 101. The class is less academic and far more hands-on in its approach. With 101 focusing on concepts and big picture ideas of cinematic storytelling, 201 is about the the actual words on the page. This is where the students do the writing… MORE

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Screenwriting 301:
Advanced Professional Training

The Story and Plot 301 Advanced Class is an invite-only professional level development course that consist of the most experienced and promising students.