Story and Plot - Script Development
Story and Plot
Screenwriting Classes in Texas, Los Angeles and Online
After repeated requests, I am now offering script development services as well as private coaching.

I was hesitant to offer this work at first, but then I remembered I was initially hesitant to teach so many years ago as well. And for the same reason. The truth is, there are far too many unqualified people charging indefensible rates for these sorts of things. I never wanted to be seen as one of those hucksters. But, just as I eventually understood about my teaching, I am very good at this, I enjoy it, and as both an experienced teacher and a working professional screenwriter, I offer a unique perspective that most others simply cannot match.

That being said, I still think the classes are a better over-all deal and I recommend those instead. It is less expensive, we cover the same topics, and you will ultimately get so much out of that shared, communal environment.

But if for whatever reason the classes don’t work for you, you can still engage me in some of the following ways: