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Script Development

After repeated requests, script development is now available. This is a careful reading of your script, a summary reaction, a written outline with notes for a rewrite, page notes and an hour long (longer if necessary) meeting covering all of these. Most of the work gets done in the conversation AFTER I’ve read the script but this service will offer a very clear roadmap of how to improve the script and elevate it to the next level. This is not coverage. These are development notes which is a far more extensive process.

This sort of thing is not for the timid. It is an honest, professional level critique.
The analysis and subsequent development notes cover story, structure, characters, quality of the read and commercial viability.

The fee for professional script development is $500.00.

This is well below market prices for a teacher of my experience and skill but still priced to discourage the service in most cases unless the writer is absolutely sure they are ready for this step.

There are far too many unqualified people charging indefensible rates for this sort of thing, so I hesitate to even include this service, but I understand there’s a demand for it. That being said, unless you’re absolutely sure,
do not do this. You are much better off taking a class with me. It will be less expensive and you will ultimately get much more out of it.

If this still sounds right for you, click below to get stated:


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