Story and Plot: Where To Start
Screenplay development for screenwriters, producers, and development executives.
Story and Plot: <i>Start Here</i>
Story and Plot: <i>Start Here</i>

Story and Plot: Start Here

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If you haven't already, you can check out my bona fides
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These are two videos from the online course MASTERING STRUCTURE.
The Purpose of Act 2.
Three Interwoven Steps.
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Never written a word? Never read a screenplay? Your best bet is to start with Basic Screenplay Format. That class is 100% free.

A little more experienced? You might want to check out Mastering Structure first. Mastering Structure will change the way you approach storytelling.

If you want to start with a slightly smaller financial commitment, you can enroll in PERFECTING THE LOGLINE, which is a much more narrow topic but will allow you to get a feel for the pace and style of the classes.
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Once you sign up for a course, you'll have access to the Story and Plot community. The community is where you can interact with me, and other writers to workshop loglines, story ideas, and structures. For many, the community is worth the price of the classes alone.
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