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"Tom has a gift for bringing characters to life through fresh dialogue that has wit, sass and sophisticated intelligence --- a rare trifecta."

Julie Plec, Executive Producer, Creator, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

“Tom is a writer with style, substance, and integrity.  In developing a pilot with him I was impressed with both his original voice and the way in which he integrated network and studio notes in ways that always made the work better and better as the drafts progressed."

Joel Fields, Executive Producer, The Americans

Tom is a passionate & capable writer AND teacher. It's rare that you find someone who has both of those skill sets. When he lectures or workshops your material with you, it's obvious that he's engaged and interested in your characters, your story, your jokes, everything. I've taken a hell of a lot of screenwriting classes, not to mention other kinds of writing classes (poetry, fiction, sketch, whatever), and Tom is by far one of the best teachers I've had. Plus, he's heavily invested in the UCB community, so he gets game and can speak to scenes with that vocabulary. So even if your creative experience has been limited in the past to sketch / improv, he can speak to you in a way that you'll understand.”

Will Reese, Producer UCB Comedy

"Tom Vaughan is the structure guru.  I learned more from him than Robert Mckee and UCLA combined.  He just has a way of explaining story and structure that is simple and easy to apply."

Kris Dobkin, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Melrose Place, Largo Winch

"As a producer/supplier of television movies, my company, Once Upon A Time Films, had the opportunity to work with Tom on two separate projects. Tom took two scripts, both with structural and character deficiencies and made them come alive. From a studio standpoint, working with Tom was a very successful partnership, both creatively and financially. In both cases, he turned scripts that were not "greenlit" and made the networks WANT to make them. He turned up the heat on the action, plot twists and character development. He took scenes that went nowhere and had no energy and turned them into page-turners. He gave backstory and motivation to characters that had heretofore been less than two-dimensional."

Stan Brooks, Executive Producer of over 30 films

"I've studied screenwriting at two of the most prestigious film schools in the country, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I got more out of a couple of months with Tom than I did in my combined six years of university classes.  Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit) told me that he has a career in Hollywood because he understands what's supposed to happen in the second act of a movie, and I wasn't at all surprised when he told me his secret because it's the same thing I learned from Tom.  "

Vance Kotrla, writer/director

"Tom Vaughan's sense of structure and pacing is excellent. He understands the value of underwriting to allow a script to breathe. He is one of my favorite writers."

Dena Hysell, Producer, A Little Help, Founder Secret Handshake Films

"I've been in the room when Tom has worked with other professional writers. I've seen their eyes light up as he helped them get their story on the page. It's really quite impressive. He doesn't impose himself, he helps them achieve their own goals for the script. These are professionals, mind you, and it seems like Tom reawakens their passion for their own material. When developing projects, either from scratch or for rewrites, there is no one I would rather turn to than Tom."

Chris Uettwiller
CEO Dirty Robber

"Tom Vaughan gets the job done. High velocity writing at its best."

James Keach, Director
Producer, Walk The Line