A mini-course on how to write concise, compelling loglines that get people excited to read your screenplay.

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Ever wonder why no one wants to read your screenplay?

It's almost certainly your logline. Hey, I get it. Loglines can feel like a drag on your creative soul. I felt that way about them through the first half of my career. I treated them as homework. Something I had to do. Something I would whip up just before I sent the script to my agent.

It was a huge mistake. So many opportunities were lost. So much energy wasted. I want you to avoid that. I want you to love loglines the way I love them now. After this mini-course, you will.

You will understand why they're so important and how to use that to your advantage. You will learn how to structure out a logline and know how to validate your whole project with them before you even start outlining. The logline will become one of the most important tools in your screenwriter toolbox. My career shifted dramatically when I embraced the effectiveness of the logline, and I believe yours can too. 

Best of all, after signing up for the course, you can join the Story and Plot Community where we can personally help you perfect that logline.

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Your Instructor: Tom Vaughan

I started writing professionally twenty-five years ago. I've had eight movies made and two more in production this year. I am proud of all the ups and downs of my career, but if you really want to understand a subject, I recommend teaching it.

I have been teaching for 20 years now. It forced me to communicate the why behind so many of the decisions I made as a screenwriter. In doing so, these decisions became tools, accessible whenever I needed them.

As I became a better teacher, I became a better writer. As I became a better writer, I became a better teacher.
When I struggle with any of my own projects, these are the principles I fall back on.

Because of my teaching, I finally have what I lacked early in my career: a tangible and repeatable process to maximize the full potential of a story idea and tell the story I am trying to tell to the best of my abilities.

That's what these classes are about. And Go Coogs!

If you want to read more about my bona fides, you can click HERE.

Yours To Keep

This may be just a mini-course, but it can change the direction of your writing career forever. Like all the Story and Plot courses, it's yours to keep. Broken up into short videos, you'll be able to watch and absorb them at your own pace. Plus, you'll be able to go back and reference them whenever you need.


What is an online course without worksheets! It would feel like a ripoff if we didn't hand these out! Take your story idea through the Logline Gauntlet of the external requirement the market is looking for and the internal criteria you'll want to meet to ensure your idea will make a story worth telling.

The Community

Come for the course, stay for the community. This is where it all comes together. Enrolling in a Story and Plot course grants you access to the Story and Plot community. In the community, you can workshop your logline with your instructor, join live video Q&A's, and meet and exchange ideas with other students. Many have commented that being able to workshop their logline with a professional screenwriter was worth the enrollment price alone.

What do past students say?

"Can't recommend it enough"

I've always been interested in writing feature scripts, but never had the tools or the knowledge to even begin. But thanks to Tom's writing classes, I was able to write a piece that ended up skyrocketing my writing career. I can't recommend his class enough, both for beginners and seasoned writers alike. 

- Jesse Esparza, writer Mixed-ish, ABC, Pretty Smart. Netflix, Maggie, Hulu

Demystifies The Process

Sure, Tom is successful, and a nice guy, and an interesting teacher. But most importantly is the information, and he really demystifies the whole process. Plus it's a fun class. It also seems layered, as in... if you take it now as a beginner (like me) then you can learn some basics, but if I were to take it later, there would be other lessons to learn. 10/10.

- Neil Ruddy, Los Angeles

I Finally See Why I Was Stuck

I was afraid to write a long script before Tom's class. Since taking Tom's workshops, I have written two television scripts and I feel like I have all the tools to write a great feature. Tom's class should be an industry standard for all aspiring screenwriters.

Aysha Wax, Los Angeles

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