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Your Scene-To-Scene Cheat Sheet

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This cheat sheet will maximize every scene.

With clear instructions and simple questions, this cheat sheet will make sure each scene in your screenplay is crisp, efficient, and a crucial building block to tell your story.

Topics range from structure, to action, to characters and even ways to simply improve the quality of the read. With this easy review, you'll see improvement in your screenwriting immediately.

Table of Contents

1. How To Use This Cheat Sheet

2. Two Core Values

3. Structure

4. Content

5. Improving The Read

6. Scene Worksheet

7. Checklist

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Created by Tom Vaughan

The founder of Story and Plot, Tom has been writing professionally for 27 years and teaching for almost as long.

His eighth movie, WINCHESTER, starring Hellen Mirren was released nationally in 2018. His next film THE QUEEN MARY will arrive in late 2023. Along with his own writing, he teaches screenwriting at his alma mater, The University of Houston.

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