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1. Prepare Your Ideas

Have one to three ideas ready. Three is better. These can be loglines, broad ideas or even family stories. Whatever. Needless to say, a great logline is always better, but the whole point of the initial consultation phase is to see if there is a movie in any of these ideas and whether that movie matches with your goals.

2. Pay

The first payment should just be $100 for the "consultation." That's it. At this step, the only thing you're risking is $100 and the only thing I'm risking is time.

Keep in mind, though, it is possible that I may conclude that there just isn't a movie idea here or that your ideas don't match your stated goals. It will be back to the drawing board after that.

But hopefully, we find something great and we'll be hitting the ground running.

Concept Through Outline

3. Send Those Ideas!

After payment, Paypal will send you to a page where you can send your ideas to me. Don't worry, if there are any problems you can contact us here ( Not to mention that if I don't receive your stuff, I'll be contacting you anyway.

That's it! I'll confirm I got everything. I'll look it over and we will schedule a time to talk about this stuff.

If we agree on the next step, then you'll come right back here and pay for the "Full Service" and AWAY we go!

Thank you!
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