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Story and Plot
Screenwriting Classes in Texas, Los Angeles and Online

1. Prepare Your Your Pages

Your 25 pages should be in PDF format with contact information on the cover page just in case.

2. Pay

Click on the link and make payment. The standard fee for IMPROVING THE READ is $195 with an additional $5o for a "rush" job.

Delivery Time For Improving The Read

3. Send Script

After payment, Paypal will send you to a page where you can send your script. Don't worry, if there are any problems you can contact us here ( not to mention that if we don't receive your script we'll be contacting you anyway.

That's it! We'll confirm we got everything and we'll send the pages back with notes in 4-6 days (1-2 for a rush) and schedule a time to speak on the phone or by video conference.

Thank you!
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